About Kuro Shabu

Kuro Shabu strives for bringing the most unique and original shabu shabu experience to our customers. Our core ingredients: Black beef (Wagyu), Black Pork (kurobuta) and Black Chicken (Kurodori) are sourced directly from our exclusive farm Nanchiku, Kagoshima. Each of our ingredients is raised in the best possible environment in Kagoshima and at its best quality in its breed.

These ingredients are freshly served at the most optimum condition from our farm directly to our tables at Kuro Shabu. With our exclusive supply of these ingredients, we not only provide the best quality of meat but also provide the most diverse ingredient range available. Our customers are able to try different parts of each of our ingredients with different textures and characteristics to suit our customers’ preference and taste.

By presenting these daily special ingredients shipped by air, we have created our one and only Kuro Omakase set which brings shabu shabu to a whole new dining experience.

In order to ensure the original taste of these exceptional ingredients at the highest quality, we only provide kombu broth as our soup base using only the best quality kombu from Hakodate of Hokkaido and water from Hida Takayama, and best pairing with our different secret dipping sauces and hand-picked beverages to create the unique yet causal Kuro shabu shabu experience.

At Kuro Shabu, we only serve authentic, fresh and healthy ingredients which are 100% originated from Japan. We strive to do it best and never compromise on quality.

Our Philosophy for Food

Our passion lies in discovering ingredients that can bring delights to our customers. We take pride in our farm to table approach and we believe that good farm practices will guarantee the highest product quality.

Maintaining close relationships with our suppliers and farmers is important to us. We travel frequently to understand how farmers tend to their produce, so we can ensure the integrity of the ingredients that go into our food.

Furthermore, each and every one of our team is committed to work enthusiastically behind the scenes and front of the house to ensure that our guests enjoy the most out of their dining experience at Kuro Shabu.


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108 Hollywood Road, Central, H.K
Tel. + 852 2832 2028